Monday, September 19, 2016

LadySlipper Constantine Passes Away

For a number of years in Second Life, LadySlipper Constantine has been active in One Billion Rising, Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education, and Second Life Birthday events, but has been best known for her role as a member of Burn2 and it's DRUM group. On Saturday September 17, she passed away from cancer. The news was announced on "The Lamplighters" blog the following day.

With a heavy heart we share news about a much-loved Elder, Lamplighter, Fire Dancer and longtime Burner, Ladyslipper Constantine. Yesterday the 17th of September, after a valiant fight against cancer, she passed away peacefully, surrounded by loved ones. She will be dreadfully missed, but we shall treasure our memories of this deeply passionate Burner. She takes a bit of our Lamplighter fire with her into the next life.
On Sunday morning as word got around, there was an impromptu gathering of residents at the Cape Serenity Library in Virtual Ability. Gentle Heron and Any1 Gynoid were among those there. "It is times like these that the most articulate among us struggle for words to explain our feelings," Gentle spoke, "But sitting together, we share those feelings even without words."
"She had lots of animals," Îsabel (alysabelle) spoke of LadySlipper, "she loved the critters, and she would make the sim seasonal when it was time. ... I felt she was like a virtual mom to me. She gave me courage. ... I have taken all I learn here and applied to my own real life."

"I also worked DRUM with her," Dream Wrexan told, "We were part of a Wednesday/Sunday circle together. She was my building and performance mentor. She loved to build as others were saying.
The breadth of her influence is amazing."

The Library can be reached at Cape Serenity (77/108/23). iSkye Silverweb, LadySlipper's friend, is collecting screenshots of her for a memorial service later this week.

In February this year, the Newser interviewed LadySlipper. The interview can be read at: 

Bixyl Shuftan

* * * * *

LadySlipper Constantine and I first became friends when we were both Burning Life Members. We were Rangers together for several years for the event. She was a wonderful person, kind but firm, and loads of fun. LS, as she came to be called in recent years worked with me also in the Second Life Birthday events where again we shared many good times and laughs. Her main passion in Second Life was The Drum, a  percussion group made up of deaf people that performs at many events. It is with great sorrow to many and to me to hear that she passed away after a short illness . She will be sorely missed . My heart goes out to her real-life family. Bixyl did an interview with her last year at my request. To me she is and will always be Lady. Our last conversation in June when she was already ill.  

[2016/06/11 08:19] LS (Ladyslipper Constantine): Ok, I need to go, and bring in my VAI alt to pay the sim's tiers to VAI

[2016/06/11 08:19] Gemma (Gemma Cleanslate): o bye for now good to see and talk

[2016/06/11 08:19] LS (Ladyslipper Constantine): as always good to vent and chat with you

[2016/06/11 08:19] LS (Ladyslipper Constantine): hugsss

[2016/06/11 08:19] Gemma (Gemma Cleanslate): thanks
Gemma Cleanslate

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