Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Press Release: Homes For Our Troops Fundraising Results For September

The results for our efforts in Second Life for Homes For Our Troops in the month of September 2016 are in! I am proud to say that we were successful in obtaining over $950 (270,000 Linden) for the cause that Homes For Our Troops sponsors. This brings us to around $7000 total for 2016. Thanks once again to all who donated and supported.

The special shout outs to our performing artists this month go to:

Effinjay (Frogg Marlowe, Jaycatt Nico)
Shaye Dezno Jonstone
Baz (Avantgarde Frequency)
Savannah Rain
JimmyT49 Dukes

Once again, music is a driving force for the greater good. Thank you all for performing your best for this great cause.
Then we cannot forget all the great support staff and others who have put a lot of time into this effort. Thank you

goes to:

Biker Sharkfin
Dahlea Milena
Gjackie Winkler
Jorrdan Jarman
Boo Chant
Jazmine Breil
Katarina Erin
Katelyn Barom
Lee Domenici
suzie Fehr

We could not do any of this without all of your help and support.
Keep up the great work folks. Let's hit $16000 in 2016!

Frets Nirvana

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