Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Becky Nosferatu Needs Help

One of Montecito Bay's noted women, Becky Nosferatu, received some bad news on Tuesday Night: her sister was in the hospital.

... a few days ago, my sister was admitted to the hospital complaining about a headache. It was so bad she was in tears. I didn’t know anything about this until 3 to midnight on Tuesday, my younger sister called. Immediately I knew something was wrong; Sam doesn’t call me. Ever. We text.

They were concerned she was suffering from a stroke. Then they found it was an aneurysm in the brain, one that was bleeding, and her condition was getting worse, eventually becoming critical and in a coma, needing to be hooked up to a machine to breathe.

.. when I found out my sister had been admitted, due to a mild stroke, I panicked. After that? She was found to have an aneurysm. At the time they tested it, it wasn’t bleeding. A few more tests later, it was bleeding.And every day she’s just gotten worse and worse. Today, I found out she’s in critical condition.She’s in a medical coma, she can’t breathe on her own, it’s completely by a machine. She’s paralyzed by the neck down and is getting no oxygen naturally to her blood.

The doctors are planning a surgery to try and fix the aneurysm. While the oxygen level has began to slowly rise, she's come down with pneumonia. Becky has decided she needs to get to where her sister is, Denver, to be with her in what may be her last moments. But she needs some help paying the way.

I need to get to Denver. I’m going to wait until after Wednesday to hear what they’re going to do. If they do the surgery, I’m going to fly out there. But I need some help paying for it. Any donation is seriously helpful. You can send me anything to

Thanks in advance, even if all you do is pray for her life. Wish us luck.

Becky's sister has a three-year old son, whom has had some kidney trouble,  "born with kidneys that where to small and he ended up having several surgeries as a new born."

More information can be found on Becky''s Tumblr post, and the Montecito Bay Discord chat group. Those with Paypal accounts can send her money here:

Bixyl Shuftan

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