Friday, August 31, 2018

CDS To Hold Election To Fill Empty RA Seat

One of the members of the Representative Assembly of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators, Bagheera Kristan, has resigned from his office. Lilith Ivory, the Dean of the Scientific Council, announced there will be special elections to see who will take his seat.

"To be eligible to stand for by-election you must be on the Citizen List revised on August 4th, which can be found here: Your declaration of candidacy must be given to Lilith Ivory, by inworld notecard: deadline for declarations of candidacy is midnight SLT, Monday September 3th. Your candidacy will be announced inworld and in the SC Announcements Forum. You may choose to announce your candidacy in other locations also, but that is not required."

CDS citizens can declare their intention to run up to Monday Sept. 3. Then nominations are closed and a list of the declared candidates is made available. Campaigning can start on Sept. 10. Polls open on Sept. 17 and close on Sept 24.

"If you are considering to stand for this office, please read the Constitution and Code of Laws."

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