Thursday, August 23, 2018

Montecito Bay Invites People to Donate to Becky Nosferatu's Fundraiser

Yesterday, Becky Nosferatu of Montecito Bay called out for help in getting enough money to travel to see her critically ill sister in a hospital in another state. Later that evening, her community announced at their events this week, people could donate money to her at the club events.

for those here that have not heard. Becky's sister is in the ICU right now, with an Aneurysm and Pneumonia, brought on by a stroke. Long story short, she needs to get to Denver and either help her recover... or prepare for her funeral. There's more to it, here: but also, she is going to have a fundraiser the rest of this week. Each fundraiser she is going to offer avatars or the MP Inventory per donation, as a thank you. So join us at MB all this week for that, please. Or you can just straight donate. Thank you.

Becky would also announce she would be offering goods to those who donated to her via Paypal.

anyone who donates to my Paypal for this fundraiser, has Tiered options for anything from MP: Under 5 a single av or mod of your choice. 5-10 dollars gets you an av and mod of your choice. Over 15 gets you the MP Inventory. Over 30: Whatever the hell you want from what I've got.

The fundraiser lasts until the end of the week.

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