Monday, August 27, 2018

Town Hall With Ebbe Linden on September 13

Recently on their "Second Life Community" blog, Linden Lab posted an announcement that their CEO Ebbe Linden, Ebbe Altberg in real life, would be appearing at an inworld Town Hall event. While he would answer questions, Linden Lab asked that they be sent to a community forum thread, and they would pick which ones would be answered.

With SL15B behind us (and SL16B to look forward to!) we thought it was time to have another Town Hall, and give Residents a chance to ask about Second Life and hear the latest news on what is being worked on and planned in Second Life. We’ll also share specific updates on our product development roadmap, as discussed earlier this year.

So far, about two pages of questions (and comments to other posters) have appeared on the thread. Among them are questions related to the return of last names as an option for more recent accounts, to questions of Linden Lab plans to make improvements to Linden homes to "restoring the public economic information that LL once published years ago?"

The event will be Thursday September 12 at 9:30 AM SL time.

Click Here to view the post in it's entirety.

Click Here to go to the forum thread for proposed questions.

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