Thursday, August 30, 2018

Safra Nitely and Darkwing Village

Safra Nitely has gotten attention for her Christmas Village every year, and in the past for her Relay team "Ministry of Dance." But what she's been active the most with is her village in the sky high above Devon Dream for her closest friends and virtual family, "Darkwing." Well decorated, the buildings look like they're from the pages of a book of a magical fantasy land. The walkways connect the buildings, in addition to leading to the stables and playground areas down below. She holds occasional events at a small club. One Halloween party I went to, Safra had gone all-out with spooky trees, fog, and other decorations.

But Safra isn't quite satisfied with the area, fancy as it is. She messaged me to remind me she keeps looking to see how things can be improved. In this case, the walkway railings, looking to see what could look still better.

Much of the place is open to the public, the club being at Devon Dream (207/31/3992). it should be noted that some of the village is reserved just for friends and family, so if a place has a sign mentioning that, please respect it. Also, Safra wants her friends and SL family to have fun, so some of the village does have adult overtones.

Bixyl Shuftan

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