Wednesday, August 15, 2018

CDS Press Release: Feriae Augusti - Aug. 18, 2018, Noon to 2PM SL Time


Ferragosto (on August 15) is still a popular holiday in Italy - many people are on vacation in that period, but even those who aren't celebrate the holiday going out of town - to the seaside, or the mountains, or just have a barbecue in the countryside.

The origins of this holiday are very old - two thousand years old: it dates back to a Roman holiday called Feriae Augusti, the rest of Augustus (the Emperor) - it was a time of rest to celebrate the harvest, to honour some harvest-related gods and have fun, not just for one day like nowadays, but for weeks.

So come celebrate Ferragosto with us! We are going to have a horse racing contest, like the Romans did, and a toga party at the Thermae with the music of CDS Resident DJ Dolphin.

When exactly?
On Saturday, August 18, from Noon to 2 pm SLT
At Colonia Nova Forum, at Noon, here: Colonia Nova (75/200/43)
After the horse races, we are going to the Thermae to party!  Here: Colonia Nova (93/229/45)

Wear your best toga and join us!

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