Friday, August 17, 2018

"Lovefest 2018" Lovecraft Festival Starts Today

Today marks the start of the "Lovefest 2018" festival, a yearly event by and for fans of the stories of HP Lovecraft. The nine-day event offers shopping, music concerts, and an adventure, "The Path to Madness."

Along with the shops and event schedule, visitors may opt travel to Arkham, Massachusetts, there to delve into a mystery!

Find yourself at the notorious Arkham Sanitarium, where a particular patient is beset with a dark, quite disturbing mental affliction…

Discover clues as to what brought this pathetic lunatic to his state of crazed despair, and follow a trail of clues.  Find yourself at places such as the prestigious Miskatonic Univerity, or the back alleys of some less-traveled, shadier parts of town.  Perhaps a journey to Dunwich village or the dread fishing port of Innsmouth is in order, maybe even further off beyond New England.

One thing is certain, insanity lurks in many places.  Is there something to be learned? Are there grave things lurking, incubating as a result of the careless delvings of a too-curious soul?  Is there even a soul still to be had by this hapless individual?

Will you find your way, and unravel the secrets along the Path to Madness?

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