Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Announcement: "Fundraiser for Robert" Today

Please keep Robert (RcknRobert Resident) in your prayers and well wishes. he was on his way to work Friday am, when he was hit by a car. he is badly messed up. most of his injuries will heal some better than others. he did have three disc fused in his neck. and may have a couple more surgeries ahead. it  will take a while for some of injuries to heal.  he does keep us updated. and his spirits are good , he is laughing, and saying most of the nurses are treating him well.  and he is hoping to get a private room and his laptop soon. so he can rejoin us friends. if he does happen to show up during our funraiser we will make it a welcome back home to sl party too. he does not know of the fund raiser or welcome back party. hope to see you.
(Adult-rated sim)

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