Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Press Release: Survivors and CareGivers at the Relay Weekend

Surivors and Caregivers we need you!!

Relay weekend is to celebrate our Survivors and their Caregivers (remember caregiving is physical and virtual)

We need your help to get things ready!

#1 - Survivor sim
Please fill out the attached notecard and return to Savannahraye or Lizzy Gracemount as soon as possible. We are asking that all notecards be returned by May 15!

Your photos (and stories)  will become part of the Survivor sim build!

Also, we are updating the old Survivor stories book (the current one is from 2011!) and are including Caregivers stories as well.  The book will be available for you to receive a copy on the Survivor sim during Relay weekend - then will be moved to Hope Haven following Relay. The new format will be an online magazine!

#2 - RFL Honor Lap
Have you registered for the 2019 Honor Lap for our Survivors & Caregivers? This is the opening lap of Relay! Registration for the Honor Lap is not required - but it helps us make sure everyone is spread out around the track (so we don't crash the sims from the start!) You will also be invited to join the RFL Honor Lap group and be given a tag as a Survivor or Caregiver.
Register here:

#3 - Survivors and Caregivers Gifts
If you would like to donate a special gift for our Survivors & Caregivers to receive during Relay weekend, we would love to have them! All gifts are welcome - mens, womens, childrens, decor, avatar enhancements, etc.
Questions or to donate, please contact-
ℳαч Iνч Äмaяa Рєndrαgσn (raidenrose)

If you have any questions or need any further information about celebrating our Survivors & Caregivers Relay weekend or Survivors & Caregivers inworld support, please contact Sandie Slate (Sandie Loxingly)

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