Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Press Release: The Silk Road Series #1 - Sat May 18 5 AM to 8 AM SL Time

LIVE EVENT @ The Writers Centre, Singapore and streamed from Second Life

From Singapore to Second Life: come to the Caravanserai for a one-night stop over to witness a grand live concert, streamed online as Singapore wordsmiths and improv musicians team up with accomplished artists, writers, musicians, comics, filmmakers and poets from Germany, UK, Holland, Portugal, Japan, Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Canada and the USA.

This coming together of SL and Singaporean artists is in aid of Feed a Smile, a charity serving Kenyan school children.

Feature artists include Yadleen (ambient keyboards), Karima Hoisan and Natascha Randt, (machinima screening and discussion) in world poets and well known performers like Rosedrop Rust on the same programme as  comedians such as Esteban Voljeti and world wide storytellers like Caledonia Skytower.

Kaylee West, founder of Chinese Island, a part of the Monash University sims where Caravanserai is located says, ‘So much of world history is built on the dialogue and cultural exchange represented by the land and sea Silk Roads.”

 Her colleague, Singh, (Dr Chris Moone-Singh, an Australian located in Singapore, himself a poet-singer and educator adds, ‘We are very happy to start the Silk Road Series and share the heritage of East-West arts.”

As the Singaporeans share South-East Asian culture, world artists likewise share their poems, songs and stories this unique programme will be streamed live from Second Life from their online locations in the spirit of bygone days along the digital Silk Road.

Second Life:
Some Teardrop (singer-songwriter); USA.
Yadleen (Clara Mayef) Germany - ambient synth composer/performer 
Karima Hoisan and Natascha Randt, poet and filmmaker (Costa Rica/Germany)
Dansy Insight (Traditional Chinese songs)
Rosedrop Rust (Oregon)
Poets: Persephone (NYC), Shyla (MiD-West),  Klannex Northmead (London), Adele Ward (London), Key Key Underwood (Cleveland),  Frederique McMIllan (Quebec, Canada)
Storyteller: Caledonia Skytower: Seattle area, US
Esteban Voljeti - comedy
Singh - original spoken word and music

Come early and try out the Magic Carpet Racetrack and have your tarot read.

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