Friday, May 10, 2019

Announcement: HFOT Donations, April 2019

The heat of the summer is just around the corner folks ….and the Homes For our Troops donations are getting hot!  In April we were able to send just over $1050 to HFOT.  Our total for 2019 now comes to just over $5500.  This is once again due  to a lot of effort by the following folks:

 Ray Pinson and all the folks of Legion of Veterans International and Lov MC
Hale Compton (The Peak)
Wyckdrayn Resident (Ashur)
JacksonTrig Resident  at Jacksonville Island
RGHangnLo Resident and all the folks and VIPs at Hangin's Hideout

Other efforts that were notable were made by:
Ravencrisler Resident (Partners in crime)
Marson2014 Resident (Nina Isle)
Joi Shepherd (Serena Montecito)
Bixyl Shuftan (Purrfection estates)
Cayleen Linette (Cay's at Woodland Lake)
Dirkdanger11 Resident (Sacred Island, Sky Ranch, Bear Creek and Stargate Command)

And those performers and their managers that help us in every way that they can …singing playing and offering up every reason they can to help this cause!  Thank you:

Waya SnowpawDJ
Nina Bing
Zak Claxton
Maali Beck
Neomaximus Brandenburg
Donn Devore
Bad Setner and all the folks at Bad Management
Sassy Nitely
Troyjames and Music Speaks Management

And then Dahlea Milena and Gjackie Winkler are always there helping at our monthly event at Veteran’s Isle.

Thank you all ,,,this is a family effort that will help some very deserving veterans.  Let’s heat those summer donations up!

All the best,

Frets Nirvana

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