Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Press Release: Miss Globe Universal 2019

Miss Globe Universal is an annual pageant held every new year. It was founded on July 2014 and the first pageant started on December 2014. Our location is in the United States and the company was founded by Rose Mikaelson. Our motto is "Be inspired. Be daring. Be a Queen.".

The purpose of the pageant is to empower women from all over the world. Build the confidence they need in order to do their absolute best and help build careers. This pageant challenges all models in every way and helps them discover new things. The journey is long but it's only the beginning. We appreciate and value our contestants. We are also very excited to celebrate a milestone of 5 years now in Second Life.

"Miss Globe Universal is not just about her looks, styling and fashion. She is about her strength, compassion, skills, intelligence, hard work, value, responsibility and loyalty to the crown. She reigns like no other and no challenge is to small. A Queen that can do anything she puts her mind to with style."

We would like to thank our sponsors Miss Globe Earth, Rouge Magazine, Rouge Modeling Agency, Rouge University, Rouge Awards, Nola's Notions Home & Garden, Athena Couture, Blush Couture, {SWANK}, JUMO Fashion House, Emerald Couture, Fifty5 Thursday, Fashion Alert, *DBS* Designs, Captivating! Jewelry & Accessories, Marcel & Sebastian's Art Gallery, SL Newser, Events For Parkinsons, La Bella Boutique and Closer to the Heart Creations. Without support a pageant would not be complete.

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