Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Events This Week at the Sunweaver, Montecito Bay, and Furry Fashion Clubs

Here's what's going on at the Sunweaver and Montecito Bay clubs, Lyuba's Game and Dance Center, and Furry Fashion's Furscape

Club Cutlass: Best in "O", Wings, 60s

The Happy Vixen: Going Small, Working Stiffs, TBA, Magic, Pink and Purple, May the Fifth Be With You (Star Wars), Bunnies, Girls Night Out

Club Zero Gravity: DJ Snowbuns, DJ Naughty Nydia, DJ JB

Montecito Bay: Anti-Romance,  Lem N Em, Birthday Bash, Pickle Party, Expeditions, After Dark, CAYA

FF Furscape: CAYA, Fantasy, Fandoms, Pastel, Sci-Fi, Retro, Videogames, After Dark, Birthday Events All Day Sunday

Lyuba's Game and Dance Center: Classic Rock, Apocalypse to Thunderdome, Monday Blues

Read the schedules in SL Clubbin'

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