Monday, April 1, 2019

Scenes From The Relay

Besides the Sunbeamers "Bid Me" events, there have been others. On Tuesday night, March 26, at the "Blarney Stone" pub in Dublin, there was a performance by "DJ Kayla and the Roos" from  7-9 PM.

Roos with a Dream and the Blarney Stone Irish Pub present DJ Kayla and the Kangaroos for Relay For Life from 7-9 pm tonight. Come and party with us as DJ Kay treats you to her favourite music.

The following day, there was a surprise rezzday party for Gem Sunkiller at the Home and Garden Expo, "Lets crash the Sim for Her REzDay!"

The Expo is still going on for a few more days. Later on will be the Sci-Fi con, and the Fantasy Faire, which in recent years has started to rival the Relay Weekend in attendance.

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  1. Minor correction - tonight (Apr 1) is Monday With The Roos from 6-8 on Cure Chaser's sim. Tomorrow (Apr 2) is DJ Kayla and the Kangaroos at the Blarney Stone from 7-9.