Monday, April 1, 2019

Breaking News: Linden Lab to Impose Complexity Limits on Avatars

In an announcement in the official blog, CEO Ebbe Altberg. Ebbe Linden announced that due to increasing complaints about lag, Linden Lab has decided to put a cap on avatar complexity, at least for those on standard accounts. Starting tomorrow, users without Premium accounts will be limited to a complexity rating of 40,000. While this seems like a lot, popular skins such as Maitreya can use up 80-100,000 with just the base body alone.

We at Linden Lab have strived to encourage improvement for this virtual world. However, the improvements on detail on certain avatars have come with a complexity that is more than two or three times that of characters in leading computer games. This increased complexity multiplied over many avatars has made attending popular events difficult to close to impossible for many without frequent graphics card crashes. So we are encouraging designers to be more creative and are putting a limit on how complex in polygons an avatar and it's accessories can be.

For regular residents who don't change from a high complexity avatar, when logging in tomorrow they will appear in the old default avatar, or "Ruth." Avatars under Premium accounts are unaffected, and still have no complexity limit, yet.

In the forums, one skin designer accused Linden Lab of trying to run her out of business, "Unless you're a pony or furry, you need lots of detail to look good." One fashion blogger felt Linden Lab's real reason was money, "There's an old joke it takes real money to look real beautiful. It seems The Lab wants a piece of that money and is once again reaching for our wallets."

Details are still coming in about this latest move by Linden Lab that is sure to generate no shortage of discussion.

For the blog post in detail: Click Here.


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  2. I don't know if this is a April Fools Joke or what. But I love my Classic Avatar. I have SLink feets and hands. But never got the hang of using them. And wish some places still sold shoes for classic avs like mine.

  3. Bix. Yur courting getting murdered here.

  4. This would be hilarious of it were true but 40k complexity is a bit difficult to attain for certain looks and everyone would be wearing the same studded one be ruthed. No fun!

  5. I was about to say : Thats one way to empty the grid quickly Lol