Sunday, April 28, 2019

Fairelands Quest is Open

After several days of delays, the Fairelands Quest "The Lair of Lantoris" was finally open. Well, at least the first part. The second part is still being worked on. But most of us will still be figuring out the first for a while.

To take part, purchase the quest HUD. There are a number of places you can find it. The place I got mine is Fairelands Junction (110/185/110). You can get "basic" with just the HUD, or "deluxe" and get an outfit as well.

To get the HUD, just select "add" to it, and the contents will appear in your inventory. Besides the main quest HUD, there's another "Magic" HUD, as well as an attachment for your companion. If you got the Deluxe version, you'll also get men's and women's clothes, boxed of course. I went to a place where I could rezz mine, then returned.

Your first task is the find the Bard Queen. She's in plain sight as one makes their way down the main path toward the Midas sim. After you accept her mission, your next part is to find your companion "Planty." Where could he be? Well, as he's a bookworm, maybe the sim where the LitFest is.

So now you have "Planty." You're now ready to begin the next part of the quest: getting the spellbook and the needed ingredients. Happy Adventuring.

Bixyl Shuftan

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