Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Reader Submitted: VWBPE - Bringing The Art From Isolated Region To The World Without Limit

By Marcel Mosswood

VWBPE 2019 re:Vision will be started soon on April 4th. This year my exhibition is about “Bringing The Art From Isolated Region To The World Without Limit”. The VWBPE (Virtual Worlds Best Practices In Education) main theme is to bring education through the virtual world. Here in my exhibition, I emphasized the role of the virtual world to art education.

Education is about entering information into the students’ mind, about training students' skills, and about the reveals of the student's self-confidence in developing their knowledge or skills. Art education also involves those three components. But in this remote area where I live, we lack the third component: self-confidence.

I started to teach kids here to painting since 2017, the main obstacle is that I couldn’t found such an event to exhibit their art in our area. For an artist to have self-confidence they need to participate in an art exhibition, that way artists can get exposures for their artworks, and also gain the compliment and criticism from the audience.

At 2018 I log in to SL again after six years hiatus. And then came the idea in my mind: I can bring art from the remote area to the world through SL! Then all happen as my presentation at the VWBPE.

My exhibition consists of two parts: the ground and the skybox. The ground is the welcome area, where I introduce our remote area conditions to the audience, the main presentation, and my RL photos about our beautiful region. In the middle, there is a teleport to take you to the skybox. In the skybox, there are my art installations about the success of our artworks traveling around the world and empty easels that represent artists in the remote area who is waiting for the chance to go worldwide.

The welcome area

The ground

The Skybox

Through Through my exhibition, I also ask for collaboration from everyone who cares about the comprehensive art education of artists in remote area everywhere in the world. Together we can make a change!

Marcel Mosswood

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