Friday, April 12, 2019

Second Life Destinations: "Horse Riding and Enthusiast Communities"

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Even though motor vehicles have long been the dominant form of transportation for about a century, there's something about riding horses. In this week's Second Life Destinations, Linden Lab puts the spotlight on places and groups related to horses, or "Horse Riding and Enthusiast Communities."

This week, we shine a spotlight on the many virtual horse communities in Second Life. ... there is renewed interest in equestrian experiences across the Grid. Horse lovers need places to saddle up and ride...and there’s no shortage of destinations that cater to horse enthusiasts ...  Check out the Pets & Animals category in the Destination Guide for even more options.

The number of horse groups, breedable horse companies, and horseback riding locations are too numerous to mention. Last month, we interviewed Kitacelia about the challenges of raising breedable horses. If one wants to get a horse from her, she has a few at Dark Moon Rising at Helmsgarde (14/20/22).

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