Friday, April 19, 2019

CDS Calling For Candidates For Election

Yesterday, the CDS announced it was calling for residents among it's citizenry to run as candidates in it's upcoming elections for their Representative Assembly and office of Chancellor. Those eligible to run were listed in the CDS census a few days ago.

You qualify to stand for office if you are listed on both censuses( April 6th and 13th) and no challenge is received and upheld to bar you from doing so.

If you wish to declare as a candidate, send a notecard, inworld, to the inventory of the Dean, Roguegeek Cooperstone AND to Soro Dagostino, stating  your name and whether you are running for Chancellor or RA . The Dean or Soro will post the names of candidates as they are received.

CDS citizens have until April 30 to declare they're running for office. On May 1, the Dean will announce a list of candidates for both the Assembly and office of Chancellor. The campaign season officially starts May 4. On May 11, the polls open and stay open until May 17.

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