Thursday, April 11, 2019

"Good Neighbor Commandments" Obelisks on Mainland

The Mainland gets something of a bad rap among Second Life residents, and not without reason. The land is cheap and there's lots of sims to explore. But there are the ban lines that put your casually going about to a halt. And there are the security orbs that give you just a few seconds before teleporting you back to your home location.

So it got my attention when Lia (Female Winslet) told me about some obelisks she found by the road on the Mainland. Dropping by one at Route 10 at Tangna (65/53/77), ir was marked "Good Neighbor Commandments for Second Life Mainland" on the bottom. On each of the four sides, there were suggestions for better Second Life living, written in the style of the Ten Commandments.

Thou shalt not set thy security orb to teleport people without at least a one minute warning, lest thou beest a jerk.

Thou shalt not block roads or sea lanes with thy objects, nor shall ye set ban lines, for they are the suck.

Thou shall allow build and run scripts on thy land and use autoreturn to keep it neat and tidy, for it is thy friend.

Thou shall beget privacy walls, screens, and shrubbery around thy land which please the eye of thy neighbor as they do thyself.

The obelisks were made by Abnor Mole. Besides the one at Route 10, I saw a few more at Marybank (55/211/51), Hae An (165/120/50), and Lippert (104/214/179). Lia told me of a few other locations I hadn't checked. So will these black stones get more people to clean up their acts, or rather their land, a bit? Hopefully they will, and we can go about Mainland a little longer before running into another yellow barrier.

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. Great Idea !!!
    Lol and that freebie house of mine is still used nowadays =) Awesome =)

  2. If enough people rez obelisks like this, it would really send a message that they want the mainland cleaned up. A message to both LL and to their neighbors who are responsible for the mess.

  3. Ah yes - the one who is also complaining that they can't build on their neighbours property because they are too thick to a) use a sandbox to check stuff or b) make a platform that actually matches their parcel. You know, basic stuff :)

    1. Yeah, because that's what is said there. Lol. It's pretty obvious that you are one of the "my land so I van tuin SL use for everyone, thus contributing to the destruction and end of something I claim to " group.