Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Press Release: Fran Serenade’s Celebration Of Life

A Celebration of the life of Fran Serenade at Savoy Ballroom 
in Creations Park on Saturday, May 11, 2019, from 11AM to 
9PM, featuring some of Second Life’s very best performers.

On March 3rd, 2019, Creations Park lost its original inspiration, 
and Second Life lost its most celebrated senior.  Fran Serenade 
passed away at 92 after a lifetime of loving and serving others 
in both of the worlds she lived in. Fran was beloved by all who 
knew her, including her Linden friends. Her daughter, Barbie 
Alchemi, and son, AlmostThere Inventor, built Creations Park in 
Second Life to be a wonderworld to stimulate the mind, specifically 
for Fran and others with Parkinson’s.   The Draxtor video about 
Fran and the medical research into Parkinson’s done at Creations 
Park was called one of the most important ever made about 
Second Life by Linden Lab’s CEO Ebbe Linden.  

A Celebration of Fran’s life will be held at Savoy Ballroom in 
Creations Park on Saturday, May 11, 2019, from 11AM to 9PM 
SLT.  Some of the very best live singers in Second Life will be 
performing in her honor.  Most knew Fran and some had 
performed at her 90th birthday party, also at Savoy. All talent will 
be performing for tips only, and like all events at Creations Park, 
this will benefit Team Fox for Parkinson’s Research.

By June 1, 2019, a memorial honoring Fran and this celebration 
will be located in-world at the  Savoy Swing Era Museum, and 
will be available online at SavoyBallroom.org/fran

ENTERTAINMENT SCHEDULE                        More Available Online
11:00 AM    Samm Qendra            direct
12:00 PM    Putri Solo (putrisolosinger)    Jamila.lanley         
1:00 PM    Luciano Lionheart        Helen (Helendar Bailey)
2:00 PM    Phil Setner            Alessia Setner (alessia.rodeyn)
3:00 PM    Agatha Knowles        Troy Nelson (troyjaimes)
4:00 PM    Savoy Dance Troupe        Jackie Brown (antarctica.ferraris)
5:00 PM    Max Kleene            Kat Vargas           
6:00 PM    Ronnie Artano            Missy (lilmiss54)
7:00 PM    Savoy Stars Showcase    Carlyle Chaparral
8:00 PM    JaeSands            direct