Friday, May 3, 2019

CDS Election Campaign Begins Tomorrow

With the US Presidential Election in real-life news, one noted Second Life community is gearing up for it's own, the Confederation of Democratic Simulators or CDS. Tomorrow, Saturday May 4,  marks the start of campaigning for the candidates of it's Representative Assembly.

For five positions in the Representative Assembly, six candidates have stepped forward.

Emwarden Resident ( Em Warden)
20180414 Resident (Lyubov)
Laura Azalee
Rosie Gray
Emilia Avindar (Emilia Dagostino)
MadmaxSoulLover Resident

Of the position of Chancellor, Samara Barzane (Kyoko) is unopposed, and will continue for another term.

Of campaign signs, they can be placed in the following public CDS locations: Colonia Nova (67/193/43), Neufreistadt (159/182/173), Locus Amoenus (46/205/24). There is also the following guidelines.

No scripted signage is permitted in any location, other than a simple notegiver that hands out your info when touched. Please limit signage to a land impact of 3. It may be practical to make your signs fullbright, to be seen in all light conditions but please avoid glow, as it can be quite erratic and make signs unreadable in some viewers.

Please limit the size of your sign to 2m x 2m x .5m. on public land - on private land you can use any size you want of course, keeping in mind the encouragement to 'use good taste and common sense'

Campaign events are encouraged, and can be announced in group notices and group IMs. But campaign material cannot be distributed this way. The candidates are also expected to conduct their campaigns in a civil and respectful manner.

Check the CDS blog for more information.

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