Friday, May 1, 2020

Angels' Calendar Auction

Every year, Nydia Tungsten's Angels group has a calendar to help raise a little money for the sim tiers. For the calendar shoot for 2021, Nydia decided to raise a little more money by having an auction in which the winners get to pose with the lady or guy or their choice(s).

Have you ever wanted to be in a pin up calendar posing  with one of Nydia's Angels? Here's your chance!

The auction will be running from now until May 16th. the proceeds of this auction will be going towards the special events we host! and updating  the clubs as needed for the events and most of all... going towards the big prizes for you!

To make a bid, head on over to the Happy Vixen. To the side is a display of 13 pictures. Click on the one you wish to bid on, then pay a higher amount than the bid listed overhead. If someone outbids you, you will be refunded the money. You can bid on multiple people if you like, if you have the cash for it. And yes, Nydia Tungsten herself is among the women up for bid.

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