Sunday, May 31, 2020

News In Brief

There's a lot going on in Second Life. But between the Relay, the SLB, and our upcoming anniversary, so little time to write about it. Here's a brief mention of a few things going on.

In an article in Vice magazine, Linden Lab's CEO Ebbe Altberg stated Second Life's monthly usership was close to 900,000 thousand. Ryan Schultz would point out this was a 50% increase from the days before the Coronavirus Pandemic.

There's a new Firestorm viewer out, Update, "this one comes with a LOT of changes, bug fixes and improvements."

A few days ago, Linden Lab would announce all further US dollar transactions, not just those for cashing out Lindens to real world currency, would be handled via it's Tilia service, "to stay compliant with regulations across a number of U.S. states." Also a few days ago, the Lab announced it would be adding the Value Added Tax to transactions involving residents of Norway and Australia.

Earlier this month, Daniel Voyager reported that the Second Life app, powered by Android, was still in an "internal alpha" stage of development, "This is a communications only app, for now." There's no date as to when a public beta will be out, Ebbe Linden recommending for now the web-based Speedlight.

Yours truly was also given a tour of the CDS Catacombs, located at Colonia Nova (78,108,22). Mermaid Celene (CeleneHighwater Resident) of the Radegast Viewer group met up with me to discuss "Silver Economy," which blind SL users can take part in. After a tip from a friend about "a free downloadable board game ... based around making fun of the toilet paper shortages," I had a talk with the maker, Wanders Nowhere.

We'll have more on some of these when time permits.

Bixyl Shuftan

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  1. Not looked at third party viewers in a long time, Looked today because Windows 11 supports android apps and wanted to see if Lumiya made a come back. So this is a quite late reply but I'm really not so sure its responsible to mention a viewer made by Glaznah Gassner, During the Controversy with detecting alts when LL Made new policy Prohibiting the detection of alts, several parties were doing this, we heard a lot about zFire Xue because he Openly declared he would never comply. Glaznah the maker of smart bots had little toy drones that flew about the parcel they were rezzed on land did basic security orb activity, additionally they detected alts, when the new policy came about Glaznah said they would comply and remove the functionality but the script had to stay in to prevent breaking of other scripts, the way LSL works this sounded pretty nonsensical as minor changes can fix internal messaging issues. I visited the sim their "SmartBots" were sold at a year later after zfire was banned and things had calmed and saw the script was still in them after all that time figured by then they should of been able to remove their malicious code completely. This viewer encourages you to link it to multiple accounts, seems kind of suspicious coming from a prior malware maker in SL that inspired new policy specific to their trash.