Wednesday, May 6, 2020

News and Commentary: Furry Conventions in Virtual Spaces?

By Cyfir (Cyfiremmerich)

In a previous article, I asked the question of whether or not Second Life could replace real life events amid the Coronavirus pandemic. I came to the conclusion that Second Life could not replace real human interaction in a physical space because many experiences that conventions offer are tactile in nature. You can’t sit in a real car or play a video game on a new console with a new controller in a virtual world.

However, with at least one convention actually taking place in VR Chat this year, it got me to thinking that even though Second Life cannot replace real life conventions, it doesn’t have to. It can be an alternative. Imagine this: A virtual dealers den and artist alley with not only in world content but open commissions for real world items. The informative and otherwise entertaining panels would also work. There of course could be live DJs and prizes. There could even be a charity involved. It could take place over the course of a three day weekend. There could even be a guest of honor and special guests.

It may not be as big and popular as actual conventions since I still do think that Second Life caters to a very niche audience. But for those who attend, it could be a welcome retreat away from quarantine life. Many have commented that Second Life is like one big continuous furry convention. But what if someone makes an official one?

What do you the readers think? Feel free to leave comments below.


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