Sunday, May 3, 2020

SL Video: "A Tiny In A Big Avi World By Tea Gupte"

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By Akay  Utu, Tuesday April 28 at Fantasy Faire 2020

Tea Gupte Tiny Avatar circa 2007

~~~PLEASE KNOW, BEFORE I BEGIN, GESTURING IS APART OF TINY LIFE please don't be offended by any gestures that may go off while I am speaking THANK YOU!~~~

Being, in Second Life almost 15 years now, has brought me so much joy. I have lived a variety of lives here in this virtual world. Having been an artist since a young age, I was open to the diversity SL offers. Back in 2005, when i first dropped into a new world, which was a welcome center over in Ahern. I was greeted by my rl mother (Stillpink Sandgrain) and her long time friend, Shady Fox.

Over, the next two years, I transformed from an hooman, a hobbit, to an elf (elf clan which then became elf circle), into a furry (fennec fox over in luskwood), going through a myriad of furry avatars and even a dragon. Finding oneself in SL is important and takes time just like in real life. You develop, you grow, and you explore. Constantly, developing yourself or trying to find what exactly it is that makes you happy. Or, happy being comfortable with yourself. I guess, this is a "neverending" quest and journey that we find ourselves faced with everyday. 

Finally, In 2007, I found myself! In a community, with only a handful of friends. Little, did i know it was the beginning of the first tiny sims. Raglan Shire is the main sim attached to 7 other sims. I knew right away I wanted a shop because I had already been building for hooman avatars. So, why not try tiny stuff! The 1980's has always tickled my fancy and that is 'til this day the theme of my tiny shop. Here I am, 5 computers to the wind. 2 desktops-3 laptops later... AND 13 yrs BAM I am still tiny and proud of it!

As, a tiny i find safety and security in SL and everyday, I live my life on the grid surrounded by love and acceptance. This long standing community is part those, who roleplay and partially those who do not. Tinies are known for our gestures and funny, light hearted spirit. Like, most rpgs have rules to abide by we do not.There are admins like on most sims in SL and we are G rated which prohibits griefing/trolling like anywhere else. Don't forget BACON and WAFFLES are our signature dish!

There are MANY tiny avatars created by many different artists in SL. The classic tiny avatar was very popular for over a decade. Initially, created by Wynx Whiplash. Nowadays, she's not around as much. But her vision she said was from a dream she had where she was surrounded by lots of small critters. So, she built an owl, a bunny, a fox, an otter, a kitty, a beaver, a bear, a ferret (i.e my husband, Akay Utu, of 21 years rl), a badger, even a hedgehog! She built the tiny avatars. Over, the years the community built clothing and accessories right along with her vision. 

Today, the Dinkie has become popular, since the implementation of mesh. The dinkie was originally, one species, a cat. The same as before, tinies have  built avatars and accessories to complement the Dinkie. A Dinkie is no different to me than a tiny. We are all one and we are many. Our old adage is "ONE OF US" and with this tiny spirit we encourage love. At least, I try to everyday. Thank you for listening. Love Tea...

If anyone has any questions, now is the time and any tinies out there, feel free to assist with comments.


  1. Thankies Bixyl for the post...So proud of my sweet Tea she was so elated to share her SL Tiny experience we have gone through for the past 13 years. Thank you all for your support ...;p]

  2. Like Supergirlkitty suggested to me in IMs, we need a tiny history book. I'd buy that!

    Thank you for sharing this with everyone too!