Monday, May 18, 2020

Announcement: This Week at the Seanchai Libraries

THIS WEEK: Closings, Openings, Illusions, and Amateur Hauntings!
Join us this week for stories, presented LIVE in Second Life, and on Seanchai Library's properties in Kitely.

All events at Holly Kai Estates (215/44/27) , unless otherwise noted.

All stories told in open voice unless otherwise noted. All times SL/PT

 * * * * *

*MONDAY, May 18th, at 7pm:  Richard Bach's ILLUSIONS continues with Gyro Muggins.

*TUESDAY, May 19th:

   ~ at Noon: RUSSELL EPONYM, Live in the Glen with music and poetry in Ceiluradh Glen as guest of Seanchai Library : Holly Kai Estates (220/60/2966)

 ~  a 7pm: STAYING OPEN with Ktadhn Vesuvino, a journey in poetry and images from sculpture, through rain and lockdowns, to a beach re-opening. Live on stream.

*WEDNESDAY, May 20th, at 7pm: Dorothy Gilman's A NUN IN THE CLOSET, continues with Caledonia Skytower, live on stream.

*THURSDAY, May 21st:
   ~ at 7pm: SOLO: A Star Wars Story continues with Shandon Loring & Caledonia Skytower. (Also in Kitely!  Find teleport from the main Seanchai World

   ~ at 9pm: SEANCHAI LATE NIGHT, Contemporary Sci-Fi-Fantasy from online sources including Light Speed, Escpade Pod, and Clarkesworld.

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