Sunday, May 24, 2020

Team Firestorm and KittyCatS Offering Free CareKitty

So much of real life these days in 2020 has been defined by the Coronavirus Crisis. Among the things people have been doing in real life has been getting pets for company while having to live through lockdowns, and finding ways to pay tribute to medical workers whom have been the equivalent of front line soldiers of this crisis. Team Firestorm, whom are the people behind the most popular viewer used by Second Life residents, and KittyCatS, whom make a popular breedable pet, got together to make a free pet cat available to anyone who wants one: the KittyCatS CareKitty. Both Firestorm and KittyCatS would write about it.

During this time when our entire world is going through something we’ve never been through, we are more connected than we ever realized. Our hearts and thoughts are continually with our world wide family, most of all to those who are suffering in some way. We as a company have wondered if there is something we could do to help lighten the load. And one day, in March, the idea of creating a “CareKitty” came to mind. After carefully thinking through, we decided it was something we wanted to create for our beloved SL community. Our friends at Firestorm jumped on board immediately to help us bring these little cats to you! We put our heart and a lot of love into these little cats and hope they bring some happiness to your Second life. With all the uncertainty, fears and instability, we hope that the CareKitty will provide some support, friendship, love and a sense of togetherness. After all, we are all in this together.

The free cat is available at both the Firestorm area at Firestorm Dow Forest (228/244/3902), or at the KittyCatS store. Just touch one of the large cat builds, and you'll get a "KittyCats CareKitty Package." Rezz it on the ground at your home or a sandbox, and you'll get two things, the box for the CareKitty, and a coupon. Rezzing it onto the ground will begin the process of it being born, which will take several minutes. Once the time is up, the box vanishes and a kitten takes it's place. This one will be wearing the scrubs outfit of a medical worker, blue for males, pink for females.

Unlike regular KittyCatS, this kitten won't need store-bought food, so it is completely free to keep. It will take about a week to reach full size. Like the Firekitty from it's fourth anniversary party years ago, You'll be able to keep it indefinitely.

Should you want a breedable cat that will have kittens of it's own, you'll need to use the coupons that came with the CareKitty and be able to feed it and keep it fed. But the CareKitty itself, as mentioned before, is completely free

The CareKitty will only be available for a limited time. So be sure to get one soon.

Bixyl Shuftan

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