Wednesday, May 27, 2020

SL17B Update

Just a couple days ago, the Newser was notified that it's exhibit for this year's Second Life Birthday had finally been approved. It will be in SL17B Stunning.

Hello and welcome to Second Life’s 17th birthday celebrations! We are thrilled to have you joining us this year! It is hard to believe that 17 years have passed since Linden Lab first opened the doors to this wonderful adventure we call Second Life. We are excited to have you bringing your building skills and creative vision to the party. This year the theme of SL17B is Vacations, Roadtrips and Travel. This year our goal for exhibitors is for you to take us on a trip around Second Life to visit all your passion projects. Show us your personal creations, introduce us to your organizations and welcome us to the communities you are involved in. We want to experience all there is to do and see in this wonderful world we have created together in this second life we all out virtual home.

In previous years, the notification was done via email. What happened this time was that after a chat with exhibit builder Silvia Ametza, I messaged Mischievious Mole, one of the people for exhibitors to talk to, and it was she who told yours truly where we were to set up the build.

There are a total of 21 sims in the SL17B grounds. At the moment, they seem to be split in two groups. They'll probably be merged sometime in the next few weeks as "The Birthday" grounds have always been in one single group.

One thing we'd like to show are more "sneak peek" pictures. Talking to Mischievious, however, she doubted the "no pictures, period, no matter how unrevealing," policy that was in effect last year had changed. Hopefully this isn't the case and we can go back to a few teasers (none of resident builds without an okay). Until then, the only pictures will be of the map.

Addition: I tried teleporting to the larger group of sims. It was off limits to me, and presumably other exhibitors.  The reason for dividing the sims into two groups may be to help ensure secrecy of Linden builds until just before the event starts.

Bixyl Shuftan

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