Monday, May 25, 2020

Linden Lab Changes Second Life Logo Color

Over the weekend, Linden Lab announced it's symbol for the virtual world was getting a slight change. While the shape of the familiar eye in hand logo would remain, it would change from bluish-green to blue. Less noticeable was a change in the lettering.

The old logo has served us well but no longer projects our vision for SL as we move into this next decade. The new logo uses clearer, bolder type to communicate our optimism and confidence in what the future holds for SL. We retired the soft green color in favor of bright blue to reflect the boundless energy of our residents, who create amazing content and experiences. When it comes to what you can do with SL, the (blue) sky’s the limit! 

The Lab stated it might be some time before the original logo is completely taken down from all of it's many web pages, "We don’t want to distract our teams from the important projects our community knows we’re working hard on. So you will see a mix of new and old logos for a while as teams find time to make updates."

Not much of a change, though it is the first one made since Second Life's launch seventeen years ago in 2003. So what do the residents think? As of the writing of this article, there were eight pages of comments on the thread in the official forums, and a few on the Virtualverse thread. Some like the new look. Others preferred the old one. And still others felt Linden Lab should have spent the time and effort here on fixing the bugs and glitches the virtual world still has.

For more information, check the Linden blog.

Bixyl Shuftan

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