Tuesday, May 5, 2020

RFL Press Release: Relaystock and Bid the Lindens Bald Return for Relay for Life 2020

(Arinultra Cay) The enormously popular annual ‘Gathering of the Tribes’ at RelayStock will return for the seventh year. Teams of the Relay For Life will hoist their banners above tents and campers as they come together for ‘3 Days of Peace, Love and Hope’, at the annual event hosted by the Relay Rockers.

The event which will run May 15th through the 17th highlights entertainment and camaraderie throughout the weekend. The main stage will be shared by entertainers from the various teams, as well as SL headliners Maxamillion Kleene, Turner Harbrough and, Todd Rumsford. The entertainment wraps up on Sunday evening with the Finals of the Celebrate Remember Fight Back Top DJ Competition, followed by T1Radio's Time Machine and a Flash Mob dance with The Roos With a Dream.

VW vans and tents will once again be supplied by the Rockers for registered RFL teams to use as ‘team-sites. The event is organized by Relay Rockers Co-Captain Arizona Ballnger. When asked about the success of the event she said, “RelayStock remains one of the most awaited events of the Relay season and offers teams a chance to hangout, listen to good tunes and dance in the mud. It’s a fun event for everyone and the Rockers love to see all the teams come together and take a breather before the sprint to the season finish.”

In addition to RelayStock, the Rockers are once again hosting Bid The Lindens Bald. For the 4th year, teams made up from employees of Linden Lab will compete to see who can raise the most donations to Relay For Life, with the last place team going bald. The event will start on May 13th and wrap up on the 20th. The team losing its hair promises to go bald in Second Life until the opening of Relay weekend on morning of June 6th. Since 2017 Bid The Lindens Bald has raised more than L$ 2.5 million to support the Relay For Life of Second Life.

Linden Lab has provided a listing of the teams competing in this year’s event

Team 1:  Darcy, Jet, Oz, Spots, Volo
Team 2: Derrick, Kit, Patsy, TJ, Wendi
Team 3: Dottie, Kristin, Rocko, Vanessa, Whitney
Team 4: Izzy, Madori, Patch, Roran, Vix

Voting for Bid The Lindens Bald is done by donation to Relay For Life kiosks, located at the barn in the RelayStock2020 region, and is open to ALL Second Life residents. (For a SLURL please visit

Teams wishing to take part in RelayStock 2020 can apply online for team-sites. To find out more and to register for team-site please visit www.relayrockers.org/relaystock.

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