Thursday, May 14, 2020

RFL Announcement: Team Sunbeamer Undersea Dance

Team Sunbeamers will be holding an "Undersea Dance" this Friday, May 15. The event will be at 6PM SL time (Cutlass, the team's usual location for Friday dances, will not have an event that particular day).

To get there, head to Sunweaver Bay (200/107/25), go down the transport tube, and follow the pirate bunny logo to get to the club area.

The event is BYOK, so someone can have a kiosk rezzed and set for their team for a few extra Lindens for them.

DJ Snowbuns will be playing the music. Instead of accepting tips, she asks donations be made to the Sunbeamers and other teams present. There will be a prize for best in theme, either swimwear or an underwater avatar.

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