Sunday, February 28, 2021

KittyCatS! Celebrates Ten Years


For fans of KittyCatS, it's the tenth anniversary of the producers of the breedable pet cats. And they have a gift for anyone whom has ever gotten a kitty, or kitty food, from them (presumably that's all that's needed to be registered in their database). They have a pair of special cats just being offered at this time, for free. One is for their tenth anniversary, and the other their ninth.

In celebration of our 10 year birthday, we created a fun little cat as a grid-wide gift!

This cat comes as an "non- identical twin" kitty with our 9th birthday kitty, who has arrived "fashionably late" to the party! Something about that 9 lives thing? Who knows! But you will be getting 2 cats to jump "out of the cake!" this year!

The cats are available at KittyCatS (131/44/26). It should be noted there was nothing in the announcement about the pets not needing food. So while the kitties are free, you'll still need to get pet food. 

The free kitties are available until March 15.

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