Saturday, February 27, 2021

Sunweaver Community Goings-On

By Bixyl Shuftan

There's been some things going on in the Sunweaver community. With the Relay season having started, much of it is about Team Sunbeamers. This includes the team making Platinum rank on day one, the  "Bid Me Panda" and "Bid Me Purple" events,  and the Moon Dance (more on that later). But there's more going on. 

Not long ago, the community's main club, Club Cutlass, had a night in which the double contest had seven winners instead of just two. On Wednesday February 24, it happened again. 

[19:45] [KittyKode] ContestBoard shouts: Perri Prinz won L$83!
[19:45] [KittyKode] ContestBoard shouts: LiskaBystrouska Resident won L$83!
[19:45] [KittyKode] ContestBoard shouts: Dusk Griswold won L$83!
[19:45] [KittyKode] ContestBoard shouts: Contest is over! Congrats to the following winners: Perri Prinz, LiskaBystrouska Resident, Dusk Griswold
[19:45] [KittyKode] ContestBoard shouts: Spooked Dreamscape won L$83!
[19:45] [KittyKode] ContestBoard shouts: RECoyote Mindes won L$83!
[19:45] [KittyKode] ContestBoard shouts: Zorro Wuramunga won L$83!
[19:45] [KittyKode] ContestBoard shouts: Contest is over! Congrats to the following winners: Spooked Dreamscape, RECoyote Mindes, Zorro Wuramunga
[19:45] Crystal Sabre (CrystalAmber69 Resident): Congrats !!
[19:45] Kylee Gracemount: Congratulations !
[19:45] Zorro Wuramunga: 6!
[19:45] òᴥó Mr.Fox da'Alenfey òᴥó (Spooked Dreamscape): :o
[19:45] òᴥó Mr.Fox da'Alenfey òᴥó (Spooked Dreamscape): Thanks
[19:46] Jenni Greenfield: CONGRATS TO....... ALL OF OUR WINNERS!
[19:46] LiskaBystrouska Resident: Two three-ways
[19:46] Rita Mariner: wow 3 way on males and females

So for both the men's and women's boards, it was a double triple-play that night, or a six-way depending how you look at it, and another contest for the books.

At Sunweaver Space, Snowbuns (Skylark Lefavre) was up to a bit of funnery when she rezzed a huge fedora on a friend's house, knowing it would soon be seen. She then took it down, but the friend liked it and wanted it back. So Snowy placed it where it was.

Guess one could call it "Hats off to a house, or maybe not."

A little of the good-natured funnery that goes on around the community.

Bixyl Shuftan

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