Friday, February 12, 2021

Announcement: This Friday and Saturday at The Science Circle - "Richard Dawkins" And "Rare Preservation"


"Heroes of Evolution: Richard Dawkins"

Friday February 12 

9 to 10 AM SL time

For the first time in this lecture series, I will discuss a still living icon of evolution. Richard Dawkins has had an immense impact in his lifetime on the advancement of evolutionary theory as well as science advocacy. His energy and commitment to science are still ongoing today. The talk will discuss his scientific work as well as highlight some of his activities advocating for rational thinking. The talk will consist of three sections: 

Scientific Work

Presentation by Dr. Stephen Gasior (Xootfly)

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"Rare Preservation of a Mother Crocodilian With Eggs"

Saturday February 13

10 to 11 AM SL time

Modern crocodilians exhibit parental care for their eggs during development, as do modern birds. However, given that pterosaurs (flying reptiles), which are more closely related to birds than crocodilians seem to have not exhibited parental care, this calls into question whether or not more ancient crocodilians and dinosaurs had parental care or not. A remarkably well-preserved fossil adult crocodilian with eggs helps resolve some of these issues by showing this behavior of egg-guarding likely extending back about 45 million years.

Presentation by Dr. Alex Hastings

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