Thursday, February 25, 2021

Reader Submitted: Farewell Party For Oz


 From Panterapolnocy. On Feb 23, a party was held at Simon Linden Land in Denby in honor of Oz Linden, whom retires from the Lab tomorrow. His last public appearance will be at the Lab Gab that day.

"Thank you for everything good you've done for the platform of Second Life and the residents that use it - making their lives fun and more interesting. "

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  1. good riddance really. Oz was the friend of another User that rampantly backdoored a lot of creative games in some form or another and gave the guy a free pass to shut down a lot of security topics on the Jira including a big one you covered multiple times, and at his own discretion pushed for a feature in LSL that would of brought browser fingerprinting functionality to it by making viewers pass settings to LSL scripts running these functions, claiming it was so scripts could adjust their functionality based on who had lighting on, the proposed function didn't gather de-anonimized stats, and exposed settings extensively fortunately the LSL function was called out for what it was before any work started Oz had a lot of sway in the viewers low level functionality and helped some bad actors to put their thumb on the scale, with him gone, maybe we could start seeing some security fixes hes quelled from reaching the official release that TPV's have already fixed over a decade ago

    so Oz Linden, thank you for some things you brought to the plat form, damn you for others.