Saturday, February 27, 2021

RFL Home and Garden Expo Starts Today


The Relay for Life's "Home and Garden" Expo starts today, Saturday February 27. For those looking for a new home inworld or furnishings for it, this is a good event to attend. And there's also music performers to listen to.

For a little more than three weeks from now to Sunday March 21, there will be events and shopping across nine sims. The temporary areas, named Hope 1 to Hope 9, are east of the American Cancer Society sim. Unlike some Relay events, one can't just walk from the ACS sim to the adjacent sims. One has to fly or teleport over.

The main stage is on the west side of Hope 1. The other sims are for various shops and other buildings by exhibitors. There are dozens of stores to go to, a list of which can be found here (link). But there are other places, such as the SL Newser, at Hope 4 (40/165/23). There will also be occasional discussions by Saffia Widdershins.

For more on the Expo, check the website at ,  or the inworld group, or it's Discord channel (link). For schedules of performers, click here (link).

Bixyl Shuftan

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