Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Mardi Gras Parade and Party in the CDS

On Saturday February 6, the Confederation of Democratic Simulators held a Mardi Gras event. The event started at Colonia Nova. There was a small parade led by Sudane Erato, whom drove a truck covered with flowers. Brooke Brandenburg was behind her, driving the only real float in the parade. Behind them were several well-dressed women, notably one in an "Alice" outfit with a scene of Wonderland instead of a skirt. Chancellor Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane) showed up, as a feline "dinkie" avatar, or a "dinkie winkie" as a friend of hers teasingly called her.

Eventually, it was time to get things started, and they headed off down the street. They headed off to the sim to the west, Locus Amoenus, and eventually stopped at it's seaside area. There, the people went to a DJ booth setup by the piers, where DJ Cali began playing some music. As the people danced, beads were falling from the sky. When tipped, DJ Calli gave out presents to the tippers. Someone also passed around sparklers, one woman commenting, "My feathers will prob burn up, but hey who cares?"

There was much complimenting of the floats and outfits, as well as various amusing comments, "Today I see is Fat Saturday, after which will come Fat Sunday....and all the way to Fat Tuesday. Which in my book means I have all those days to eat cake and drink before Lent!" There was also talk about how cold the weather was getting, "I woke up this morning to -34C (-29F) with a windchil making it feel like -48 (-54F) ... I am on the Canadian prairies." Near the end, DJ Calli mused, "Have to slow it down as the set draws to a close or you have half naked amped up drunken revellry on the streets."

There was a contest for the best float. It was declared a tie between the two entries. For best costume, the winner was Laure Levenque, with Delia Lak getting second place, and Onja Strom and Rosie Gray tying for third.

Bixyl Shuftan

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