Thursday, February 25, 2021

Oz Linden's Last TPV Meeting


Panterapolnocy films the Third-Party Viewer Developer meetings. The last one on Friday February 19 would be distinguished by it being the last one. For those not wanting to sit through the whole thing, Inara Pey's report gives a rundown on what was discussed, notably the Project Jelly Viewer. But many would find the most important detail being Oz Linden's farewell talk near the beginning.

"I want to say that working with the third party viewer community has been  – I mean this is how it started for me, and it has been a theme throughout, and it has been a very great pleasure working with all of you. It’s really been terrific, and thank you. Thank you for making me look good, and thank you for all you contribute to this really impactful and fun product. It's even more fun to work on than it is to use."

Oz Linden's last appearance will be on Lab Gab, tomorrow at 11 AM SL time.

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