Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Fantasy Faire Pictures at Gallery Atheria


The Fantasy Faire is gone for another year. But the event has no shortage of fans whom look back at each one with fond memories. For those who want a reminder of the one this year, one place they can head to is Gallery Atheria at Refugio. And the pictures are free. The gallery is owned by Mel (Meliai Atheria).

Dropping by, there were a number of pictures on the wall. All were scenes from this year's Fantasy Faire, Featherfall, Tempest Bay, Valhalla, and more locations. All could be "bought" for the price of zero Lindens. All that was asked was that people were requested to make a donation to a Relay kiosk on the wall. Also on the wall was a square labeled "Info." When clicked, I got the following notecard:

Welcome to my little pop up gallery celebrating the amazing time we had a Fantasy Faire.  It will be available for almost a full month, closing sometime in the second week of June for my next set of SL photos.  Due to the charity focus of Faire all photos are FREE this month.  All tips will go toward recouping upload costs and any further tips will go to ACS.  Please enjoy holding on to a last little bit of Faire and the amazing things that happened there.  

I managed to get in touch with Mel. "I just like to explore so much might as well take some photos," she explained, "I appreciate so much all the SL creators have to offer and there are so many inspirational places to visit. So many hidden treasures that I want to be able to share for others that like to explore as well. ... I ... just really threw this place together last minute after experiencing all the atmosphere of the Faire."

She would go on to say, "I'll be featuring different locations in the future and donating proceeds to each place."

You can find more pictures by Mel on her Flickr:

"All photos from my Faire Flickr gallery may be uploaded to SL for personal use only.  Future albums do not come with these rights, just faire because it should be free to everyone."

The gallery is at Refugio near some other shops, including one owned by noted SL personality Prokofy Neva.

Bixyl Shuftan

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