Thursday, May 27, 2021

Announcement: "Feed A Smile" Event At The Lavender Field


Currently we are planning an event at Second Life with an organization called “Feed a Smile”.

Feed a Smile is a non-profit organization that raises money for food, health and education needs of children living in the slums of Kenya. The goal of our event is also to help these children in the same area with the raised money from our event.

Our event consists of two concerts, a fashion show with a DJ performance and an auction. The event is going to start at 11 am with a DennyMac concert, at 12 am the Fashion Show will take place together with the DJ performance, after that there will be  an auction and finally between 1-2 pm there is going to be a Fly Kugin (FlyQueeen) concert.

The event will take place in Feed a Smile’s Lavender Field. It will be on 29th of May at 11 am in SL time. We hope to see you at our event so that we all together can help many children with their education, health and nutritional needs.

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