Saturday, May 29, 2021

Feed A Smile Events Today

There will be a fundraiser event for Feed A Smile in Second Life this coming Saturday, May 29th. Feed a Smile is a non-profit organization that raises money for food, health and education needs of children living in the slums of Kenya. There will be two concerts one with DennyMac at 11 am and with Fly Kugin (FlyQueeen) at 1 pm. At noon is a Fashion Show with a DJ performance and an auction.

Feed A Smile is a real life project, a part of the Learn and Live in Kenya (LLK). The Learn to Live in Kenya (NGO) is based in Selb, Germany. The offspring is Learn to Live in Kenya International is based in Kenya. The purpose of LLK is to provide donations for food and building classrooms with materials and uniforms for impoverished children so they can escape the poverty to live better lives. Provided are links to make donations as well as to read the efforts that are made:

Learn to Live in Kenya website:

Building schools:

Food donation:

Sponsorship for LLK International:

In Second Life, there are sites setup to visit. In the slum area, the families live in tin shacks where large number of people live under one roof. Children are out playing among the animals or doing chores in the street. In the school construction area, workers are shown using bricks to build schools. Donated money for schools will go to books, uniforms and materials.

There are donation areas throughout the sim. It is encouraging to see that people from all over the world are interested in donated to LLK and the Feed a Smile project.

Feed A Smile in SL is located at the Lavender Fields (

Also visit the Facebook page and see the progress that LLK is making to recover children from their poverty. Facebook: 
Kayly Iali 

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