Monday, May 17, 2021

Update on The Coronavirus Survival Store


Last year, Gemma Cleanslate reported on the Coronavirus Survival Store. Recently, it's owner Jadin Emerald contacted the Newser, "I tallied up the number of freebies that the store gave away in the past 14 months. ... 11,000 items given away for free!" 

Some items were more popular than others. The " Anzen Bonsai Tree in Mossy Soil" was the most popular one with 788 copies given out. Other popular items included a "Soundly HUD", a set of eight Crystals, various artwork, Crystal-Infused Water Bottles, and others.

Jadin commented, the "emphasis of the store has been relaxation and stress reduction. When I opened it, we really had no clue what was happening. People were so freaked out." As for the place's future, it will soon be gone, "I'm in the process of closing down my Coronavirus Survival Store." Dropping by there, there was a sign saying, "Items are being moved to the Jadin Emerald Design Studio stores." So if you want to stop by, do so soon. 

Bixyl Shuftan

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