Friday, May 14, 2021

Relaystock Opens Today

A fun annual Relay event is starting today, promising three days of music, fun, and mud. The Relaystock. Organized by the Relay Rockers, this has become a multi-team event involving dozens of teams. There are numerous campsites for teams, some with kiosks with items to buy. In the northeast corner is the "Bid the Lindens Bald" area where people can donate to determine which Lindens keep their hair and which loose it. And of course there's the music at the main stage.

The music starts at 1PM SL time with the following schedule:

  • 1:00PM – DJ Zen Greywolf 
  • 2:30PM – DJ Melinia Firehawk
  • 4:00PM – Keeba & Maniacs – LIVE 
  • 5:00PM – Quartz – LIVE
  • 6:00PM  – DJ Sasha Fairywren
  • 7:30PM  – DJ Kewl
Go Relay! 

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