Thursday, July 14, 2016

Gaming Goings-On: Rust, Star Trek Online, And Tree of Life

While the gaming world is currently abuzz with "Pokemon Go," those with little interest in the genre are no doubt wondering what else is available. There is of course Second Life, of which one of it's major events, the Relay Weekend, is in a couple days. But when not on Second Life, what else is there. For my gaming friends, they've found a couple the Newser has written about in the past, "Star Trek Online" and "Rust," have had recent updates. Star Trek Online now allows one to play the part of a Federation ship captain at the time of the Original Series. Rust now has the "Experience Point" system that's been talked about for months. There's also a new game out that's a little less edgy than some other popular survival MMOs: Tree of Life.

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