Friday, July 22, 2016

"What's In A Name?”

Names. Everyone has them, but what do they say about a person? Unlike real life, Second Life residents have had some degree of choice in their names. Before 2010, people could chose whatever first name they wanted, and one of a limited number of surnames. Since then, new people have been limited to a unique single account name (and the default surname of "Resident"), and a separate "display name" which could be whatever they wanted. As it turns out, display names can include some fancy letters that weren't an option before them. So what are some examples of what residents can come up with? For Newser reporter MajikVixen, she only had to go to her partner and circle of friends for some examples.

Read MajikVixen's story in People.

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  1. I find it both annoying and puzzling that people use characters that make their name downright unreadable, especially for screen readers used by people who are visually impaired.