Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hurry Up and Explore: Relay Camps Coming Down Today

If you want a look at the Relay sims, today is your last chance to see them. Builders have been asked to pick up their exhibits by 10 PM tonight. A few whom presumably wouldn't be able to log in today have already packed up and left behind empty plots. But there's still much, to see, but not for long. As the day goes by, more will be gone.

Yours truly has spent more time exploring and less writing in order that the builds be documented in pictures. So for now you'll have to see for yourself. And there's more than just fun sites. At the Null Aries designer sim in RFL Courage, I found nine colorful geode stones and a display case.

There was much to see, both above ground and below, pristine forest and hillsides, and well done brick and marble structures. And a lot more.

The Newser will have more pictures later. For now, Wildstar Beaumont has provided a massive archive of finely detailed pictures of this years Relay Track sims. As for the traditional "flood party," word has it there will be an announcement at 4PM today SL time about the time and place.

Bixyl Shuftan

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