Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Reader Submitted: Jay's Romance

In order to augment your experience in the ballroom, tuxedo's and ballgowns are available at the door. Once you have passed through the red lace curtain, you will get a cozy feeling. Romantic music will engulf you and there is a relaxed atmosphere, fortified by the red drapes and the brick walls.

Centerstage is Lady Dorothea as DJ. Her motto is "Feel Food Inside!" Owner JayMaze Yao is already on the dance floor and both are offering you a warm welcome to Jay's Romance. It is a great place where people can dance and get acquainted. Lady Dorothea is a true Lady, she is kindness and gentleness personified. She wants you to feel good and at at ease and you do as a matter of course!

After sipping a Daiquiri at the bar, feel free to accept an invitation for a ballroom dance. It is a wonderful feeling to glide and float being guided and lifted by your dance partner. It makes for a very special experience, you will see.

Jay's Romance is open every Sunday from 12 to 2 p.m. SL time, and it stands to reason that everybody is welcome. Be there!

Owner JayMaze Yao and other great DJ's, not to forget the wonderful hostesses, will entertain you the rest of the week on the other side at Jay's Club. 

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Marijke Biziou

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